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Nerve Carbonated Drink, where bold flavors meet electrifying refreshment! From the moment you crack open a can, you’ll embark on a taste adventure like no other. With a tantalizing blend of fizz and flavor, Nerve takes your taste buds on a thrilling ride that leaves you craving more. 

Nerve Soft Drink
Nerve Soft Drink Nerve Soft Drink

IT'S NOT JUST A NEW LOOK; IT'S A whole new experience.

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Hold on to your Nerve.

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Nerve Nutrition facts

Carbonated Drink 250 ml
نيرف - اروي اعصابك

Nerve Carbonated Drink, 250ml” is an exhilarating and effervescent beverage that packs a punch of energy in every sip. This compact 250ml can is the perfect companion for those seeking an instant boost of refreshment. With its bold and invigorating flavor, Nerve Carbonated Drink provides a thrilling taste experience that awakens your senses and keeps you energized throughout the day. Whether you’re on the go or just need a quick pick-me-up, Nerve Carbonated Drink is your go-to choice for a zesty and revitalizing beverage.

Brand: Nerve

Type: Soft Drink

Quantity: 250ml

Shelf life: 365 Days

Storage Guidelines: Store in a cool, Chilled temperature

Nutrition facts
61 Kcal
Total Fat
0 mg
Saturated Fat
0 mg
Trans Fat
0 mg
0 mg
< 0.13 mg
14.6 g
Dietary Fibers
0 mg
Total Sugar
14.6 g
Within Added Sugar
14.6 g
< 0.5g
0.8 mg
Pantothenic Acid
1.9 mg
Vitamin B6
1.3 mg
Vitamin B2
0.29 mg
Vitamin B12
1.5 µg
Hold on to your Nerve.

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Nerve Soft Drink
Nerve Soft Drink
Hold on to your Nerve.

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